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eXp Continues to Soar, Lands as No. 1 Mover and Top Independent Brokerage on REAL Trends 500 Report

eXp Realty’s spectacular growth and success continue to be recognized, as the cloud-based brokerage has landed in the top five of several categories of the elite 2020 REAL Trends 500 Report today, including being named the No. 1 mover in transactions, the No. 1 independent in the country and No. 3 in closed transaction sides.


Why rent your brokerage when you can Own Your Career?

eXp Realty agents are working together to build businesses, build  and enhance their personal brands, increase profitability, reduce overhead and risk, achieve bold career and life long goals.

  • Keep More Money, working the same hours 

  • No Desk Fees, No Royalty and No Franchise Fees 

  • Low Annual Cap, then 100% commissions 

  • Paperless Transactions 

  • Business Coaching and Mentoring 


Work from Anywhere

Yes, you and your team can work from Anywhere. Closing a transaction from Hawaii? Participating in a business planning session from Asia, Australia or UK? Negotiating a contract from a Costa Rica beach? Our agents have done all of these! It’s part of our agent-centric model.  You Keep More of the hard earned Money you worked so hard to close. In any economy, don't we all want to keep more of our hard earned money? Have you done the real math on how much of your commission check you actually take home?  Contact us and we will assist in running your past sales activities through our Brokerage Comparison Calculator and prove to you how much more you would have kept.


Keep More Money

Let's DREAM about having personal and financial freedom. YES, you can achieve both in real estate within 2 to 5 years from this moment by leveraging a proven platform that gives you 15 ways to generate real estate income, instead of  one to two ways most agents have access to in the traditional model. 

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eXp China Desk Advantages

  • China agent network- Network with overseas agents in China.

  • Promotion of you and your properties on Chinese media and real estate platforms

  • Referrals- Referrals from our Chinese real estate and media partners to work with our certified agents

  • Training-  Training and mastermind  groups with our China Desk and China partners

  • Builders-  Promote projects online and offline with our Chinese real estate and media partners.

  • Builder events- Projects are sold online and offline with our China real estate partners 

  • eXp  China desk network - Network with eXp China desk members around the globe

  • China Tours- Starting in 2022- Visit our China partners, meet overseas agents to network with, opportunity to meet investors/ buyers at eXp events in China and builder property shows

Advertise on Sina- Weibo’s official
North America Real Estate Account
Weibo is China’s Twitter - Social Media platform with 500 million+ users worldwide. 
"Advertise your real estate on Chinese social media "
  • Advertise your residential or commercial real estate 
  • Build your brand and reach potential Chinese customers in China and North America
  • Single post or Geo and demographic targeted campaigns in China and North America
  • Posts can reach from 5,000 - 5million+ views
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Advertise on Sina Weibo

North America House Network

Sina Weibo North America House Network
Advertise on the Sina Weibo North America real estate platform. Promote your residential and commercial properties to a large Chinese audience in China and North America. Weibo is the “Twitter of China” and is one of its largest social media platforms. Sina is one of the largest media and technology companies in China. They have a combined audience of over 600 million people worldwide.
  • Advertise your residential and commercial listings
  • Advertise new construction developments
  • Advertise your office or team
  • Advertise as a featured agent /referral partner in your city
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Chinas largest real estate platform
  • Promote your  new project or development- Both residential and commercial
  • Online and offline events
  • China property search
  • Largest China real estate network
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eXp China desk agent network

When establishing your referral agent network of real estate professionals, there are endless opportunities available to help you grow your business. Be able to network with agents in North America, China and worldwide. You can find referrals, potential customers, real estate opportunities from our eXp China desk agent network.
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FREE professionally designed mobile website
Complete Realtor Mobile Toolbox
  • Listing picture slideshow
  • Maps detailed surrounding school and stores
  • Realtor's Detailed Bio
  • Free Chinese Phone Number
  • Interactive QR Code For Each Property
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eXp China desk

Looking for agents now to be a part of our eXp China desk team. To find out more information as well as the next Zoom live presentation please leave your information below

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